“You Can Drive Targeted Leads To Your Business In 7 Days or Less Even If You Have Zero “Tech” Skills and No Video Production Budget”

(Discover How Creating Videos Can Actually Be Profitable AND Enjoyable) 

Do you want to start creating videos but feel like you don’t know where to get started?  Have you tried to make videos in the past?

Maybe you’re wondering how to combine video marketing with social media – something called “social video marketing.”

If so, this may be the most exciting message you will ever read…

Do You Need More Leads, More Sales
or to Establish Yourself As a Trusted Expert?

What do the most successful coaches, consultants, experts and businesses have in common?

The use videos to establish credibility, generate leads and sell more of their products and services.

Whether you are an expert, author, coach or business owner, the time has come to start publishing your videos.

Consumers are choosing video as their preferred way of getting information.  Maybe that’s why Google bought YouTube – to get in front of the trend before their business was hurt by the inevitable move towards video.  In fact, while I was sitting here typing this to you, I received an email with this…

Which proves video is a great way to attract an audience that is ready to subscribe to your channel, eagerly awaiting new videos from you (…videos that sell more of your products or services).

Did You Know: By 2014, iMediaConnection estimates that over 90% of web traffic will be video.

52% of consumers report feeling more confident about buying a product after they watch a video about that product.

Everyone Is Starting to Use Video

Video creates trustUse video to explain what you do far faster and with more impact than you can with text.

Your audience is more likely to consume your videos because we’ve been trained to watch television and movies.

Your videos will create more trust because they remove the barriers between you and your future customers when they see you or when they hear your voice…

This makes video the perfect way to establish yourself as a trusted advisor or expert (and charge more money as a result).

By now, I’m probably preaching to the choir.  We both know that video is one of the best ways to reach your audience and to increase your profits, but you’d already by making videos if something wasn’t stopping you, right?  Which means…

Roadblocks Are Preventing You From Producing The Videos Your Business Needs
(Or You Would Already Be Doing It)

Confused by Video MarketingUp until now, you may have been intimidated by the idea of making your own videos.

Maybe you’ve been confused by which video equipment to buy, expensive video editing software and all the technical mumbo-jumbo associated with making videos.

Maybe you feel camera shy, you’re not sure of what to say on video, and you’re not sure how to produce a video that makes you look good.

Usually what’s stopping you boils down to one of more beliefs…

Here Are Some of the Beliefs I’ve Discovered With Clients Which Stopped Them From Making Videos Before We Started Working Together

  • You feel camera shy
  • You don’t know what to say on camera
  • You don’t want to look bad on camera
  • You think that making videos is expensive
  • You’re not sure you can make quality videos that reflect who you are and what you are offering
  • You’re overwhelmed by the endless choices of cameras, audio gear, video editing software and technical details
  • You feel like you don’t have time to learn how to make videos or you feel like you don’t have time to make them

But Here’s the Truth About Creating Videos That Get Great Results…

  • Making videos is easy if you have pre-written scripts
  • Making quality videos is easier than ever (even with inexpensive equipment that you probably already have) if you know what you are doing
  • You don’t have to know what gear to buy – I’ll show simple, affordable gear that I use on a regular basis (and chances are, you already have a lot of what you need)
  • Being camera shy isn’t a problem – I’ll show you how to make high-quality videos where you never appear on camera (and I’ll show you simple tricks I use with clients to help them overcome their fear of appearing on camera in case you want to appear on camera).
  • Making high-quality videos is now affordable for almost everybody. Simple, low cost tools (many of which you probably already have like a webcam, smart phone or $100 video camera) can now yield high-quality results if you know the tricks to convert these simple, affordable tools into high-quality video making machines).
  • If you learn it on your own, it can take forever to learn how to make high-quality videos. I invested three years to teach you what you’ll learn in less than a week and I’ll show you how to make videos in minutes instead of weeks (plus, I’ll reveal some of the fastest techniques available to help you rapidly create highly-effective videos using simple software that is probably already on your computer).

If You’ve Tried to Make Videos In the Past With Poor Results, You Probably Weren’t Using a Proven System for Creating Successful Videos

To create successful videos, you don’t need to be creative and you don’t need to be a charismatic public speaker

You just need a step-by-step system that works.

That’s what Social Video Mastery is – a simple, easy to follow system that will take you from absolute beginner to the point where you have successful online videos.

If you’ve tried video before with poor results, you’re going to discover an entire section dedicated to troubleshooting your videos that will help you transform your videos into exactly what your audience wants to watch.  We’ll dive into the simple formulas you can use to determine what your audience wants to watch and how to get your video in front of them.

If You Are Ready to Eliminate The Obstacles & Start Making Videos This Week, Social Video Mastery Will Show You How To Do It Simply, Easily & Affordably

Overcome your fear of being on cameraLike you, I knew that I should be making videos for my business and my products, but I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t have a proven system to follow, so I created one.  I bought a camera, started filming, ran into a ton of problems and started solving them one by one.

In total, I spent three years learning all the ins and outs of storyboarding, script writing, lighting, editing, publishing and promoting. I tried all kinds of different video cameras, audio equipment and software.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned, boiled it down into simple, easy to learn steps and formulas that you can use to start creating video quickly and easily.

If You Have Any of These Problems, Social Video Mastery
Is The Course That You Have Been Looking For…

  • You know you need to create videos but you don’t know where to start
  • You feel overwhelmed by making, publishing and promoting videos
  • You’re an expert in your field but nobody knows about it
  • You have a great product or service, but your customers aren’t finding you
  • You need a more cost-effective method of generating leads
  • You need to increase your sales
  • You keep dealing with the same questions from prospects and customers
  • You’re tired of getting slapped by Google over and over again in the SEO game

But Maybe You’ve Told Yourself You Don’t Have Time to Make Videos…

Maybe you think it takes a long time to make a video that will get great results.  And, it’s true – without a proven system and without knowing the shortcuts, creating quality videos can consume massive amounts of time.


Once you know how to make quality videos (which you’ll learn inside the course), you’ll find that it takes longer to write an effective sales letter or article than it does to make a great video.

Inside Social Video Mastery, you’ll learn how to effectively and quickly produce video after video after video (I’ll even share some some of the fastest techniques available to create videos, including my “Rapid Video Outline Method”)

You May Not Need This If…

  • You are already making high-quality videos that are bringing in more fresh leads into your business than you can handle
  • You are already using the techniques taught in the course and have become a star on YouTube
  • You’re one of those people who want a magic pill that requires zero work on your part (…of course, I’ll show you all of my shortcuts inside the course, but it will still require some action on your part – just a lot less action that it would take to do this on your own).

What Does It Take to Start Making Videos In 7 Days or Less?

You might think a comprehensive step-by-step course that is going to teach you how to make great videos is going to be expensive.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how affordably you can get started, but let me ask you two important questions before we get started.

Question 1: How much money are you going to lose if you don’t start using videos (while your competitors pump out video after video)?
Bankrupt BusinessWith the way things are trending, I’m going to take a wild guess and assume you stand to lose a lot.  Depending on your industry, you might even be risking your business.

Think I’m over-exaggerating?

Remember that study by iMediaConnection that estimates 90% of web traffic will be video based by 2014?

That’s bad news if you aren’t using videos, but it’s great news if you start using videos today because you can get a head start that will generate leads, create credibility and increase your sales for years to come.

Question 2: How much money will you make if you get just one new customer as a result of your videos? What about 10 new customers? Twenty? One Hundred?

Video Marketing CostsVideos aren’t just useful because that’s what your customers want to watch.

Videos are useful because they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…

Try to find a great salesman who will work those kinds of hours.

Think ahead to that moment when you publish your first video.  How will it feel to know that you can now build an army of never-sleeping salespeople to bring in a steady stream of people who want what you have to offer?

How do I know? Let’s look at a case study…

Video Marketing Case Study #1:
Lead Generation for an Affiliate Marketing Site

In 2009 I created a website that occupied many of the top spots in Google. It was making me a significant amount of money each month. One day, I decided to create  5 very simple but professional videos to see how video marketing would help.

Those videos saved me.

In 2012, Google changed their search algorithm and my pages disappeared from the front page of Google, essentially stopping my free SEO traffic. But, hope was not lost.

The simple videos I had created were being viewed by thousands of prospects and those prospects were turning into customers even though my non-video SEO results were gone following the non-stop barrage of Google algorithm changes.


Video is great for online businesses, but what about traditional businesses?  Can video really help you if you’re a professional, a consultant, a coach or if you own a business that doesn’t seem like it can benefit from video?  Let’s find out…

Video Marketing Case Study #2:
How One of My Clients Generated An Additional $67, 895
Using Video In Combination with Their Web Site

Video marketing for mobile home parksAnother client of mine had a local business in an industry that you might not think would benefit from video – rental housing. Now to be fair, we gave their web site a makeover and we created a number of blog posts. But we also created a lot of very short, quality videos. Despite Google changing it’s algorithm over and over again, the videos helped them maintain top spots on Google for both the videos and their web site.

The result?

They generated an additional $67,895 in revenue that came as a direct result of the videos and the work we did on their web site. Now, let’s be clear – I’m not making any claims you’ll make any money at all because I don’t know your business and the reality is, most people will read this and do nothing (that’s rather disturbing, but it’s a reality and it’s a good thing if you are an action taker).

At first, you might not think this is a great example, but let me ask you a question, “Do you have a web site or plan on having a web site in the future?” If the answer is “Yes”, then video can help you attract new leads and new customers.

How About a Reward for Taking Action?

Social Video Mastery is normally $297 and I think it’s a no brainer decision at that price, but I’m a huge fan of people who have the guts to take action.

If you act today, I’m going to give you a $100 scholarship for taking fast action, making your investment just $197.  Of course, you’ll be covered by my zero-risk, try it all for 60 days, love it or refund it guarantee.


Because, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about business and marketing, it’s that money loves speed and speed requires fast decisions and follow through.  So, I’m going to give you a huge reward for taking action (and, I haven’t even told you the best part yet…)

Action Taker Bonus: 15 Minute One-On-One Video Marketing Consultation

In addition to the course, I’m also offering a 15 minute one-on-one Video Marketing and Conversion Consultation if you take action and purchase today.  My normal consulting rate is $250/hour and I’m plenty busy, but I’m doing this because I want to see you get started on the right foot.

We’ll discuss your video marketing strategy and opportunities to increase your revenue by increasing your conversion rates.

Obviously, my time is very limited and I can’t offer this to everyone…

Take action now to secure your spot before someone else does.

Our 60 Day Love It or Refund It 100% Money Back Guarantee

Go ahead and try out Social Video Mastery risk free.  Even if you look at all the content, realize it’s great but decide you’d rather go lay out in the sun instead of putting the lessons to work, that’s your choice.  We’ll give you a refund no matter the reason within 60 days of your investment in the course (but please, wear sunscreen).

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Have to Appear on Camera?

Not at all.  Inside the course, you’ll learn how to make videos where you never appear on camera.  You’ll learn how to create animation videos, screen recordings, presentation-style videos, sales letters and more.

I Don’t Have a Smart Phone, Can I Still Make Videos?

Absolutely.  Making videos with the iPhone, iPad, Android phone or another smart phone are just one way to make videos, but you don’t need a smart phone to create videos.  You can create videos with your web cam, screen recording software, or just an affordable video camera.  Inside, we cover a wide variety of ways you can create videos.

Do You Cover Video Editing & Video Editors?

A significant portion of Social Video Mastery is dedicated to video editing and the different video editing software solutions that are available.  You’ll learn how to edit your video and your audio and you’ll learn the best formats for exporting your final video.

Do I Need to Be Creative to Make Videos?

Of course being creative helps, but it’s not necessary to create great videos.  Inside, you’ll learn a number of different video styles and you’ll learn formulas for creating your content and your video titles.

I’m Entering a New Market. Can You Help Me Figure Out What They Want to Watch?

Yes, an entire section of the course is dedicated to the exact steps you can use to discover what your market wants to watch and what style of videos work best with them.

What If I Decide It’s Not For Me?

No problem.  Just send me an email for a prompt, no-hassles refund within 60 days and we’ll part as friends with my sincere thanks for trying out Social Video Mastery.

Still Here?

If you’re still reading this, you’re at a crossroads. David Allen, the author of “Getting Things Done” recently said that all problems can be reduced down to two things.  Either you know what you want but you don’t know how to get it or you don’t know what you want.

Can we both agree that if you’ve read this far, you know you need to be creating and publishing great videos?  If that’s true for you, then you’re closer to the solution than you think.

Now, you have a decision to make.
Video Marketing Is the Change You NeedOn one hand, you can continue doing what you’ve been doing. I’m okay with that – we can part ways as friends.

On the other hand, you can take advantage of my risk free offer and try Social Video Mastery, go through every simple to follow lesson, learn my step-by-step formulas and start creating your own videos.

If at the end of 60 days you don’t feel like it’s a fit for you, just let me know and I’ll give you a no-hassle, quick and easy refund with a nice thank you note for trying the course. Fair enough?

Jason AyersSocial Video Marketing Made Simple – Step by Step